How We Will Use Money Donated to The Garvey Village Social Enterprise

       The money being raised, at the moment will be used for the 3 months upfront rent that is required once the lease has been completed.


  • Basic Skills Training and alternative learning: providing literacy, numeracy and social skills for personal development and enabling better options for entry to employment and owning your own Business.
  • Health and Well-being Services: Increasing access to mental health and well-being services, holistic healing and a ‘one-stop shop’ for advice, support, signposting and early intervention strategies.
  • Support for Home and Supplementary Schools: A resource, information and advice venue for ‘home schooled and local Supplementary education providers including extra-mural studies
  • Youth Engagement: Youth groups delivering activities that address youth development, social and cultural learning. Digital inclusion, Anti-Social behaviour and recidivism.
  • Alternative Therapies: Access to healthy eating options and information, Vegan Café and cooking lessons and self-empowerment techniques enabling adults and young people to learn self-discipline.
  • Cultural specificity: Arts and Crafts Exhibitions and information including seminars, workshops and collective ‘action learning’ to celebrate and showcase the rich Afrikan heritage and legacy.
  • Intergenerational engagement: Recreation and socialisation activities for Senior and older members of the African Caribbean community providing physical, mental and social stimulus.