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God & Nature makes us what we are, & then out of our own created Genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law, Let the Sky & God be our limit & Eternity our measurement

“It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”

Not all of us will be able to go and set up in the Caribbean or somewhere on the Afrikan Continent, so something has to be set-up for us right here, in this country.

The Garvey Village is one Solution to help secure our Children’s, and Our Grand Children’s Future.

The Garvey Village will Celebrate Our Great African Heritage by providing a Community Centre with a Difference.

The Difference being, that it will be a Base / Hub / Empowerment Centre, to help cater for a Majority of the everyday Needs of Our Community.

Here in the UK, we have very little that we can Truly call Our Own.

Who we are?

The Garvey Village will be a Base for Natural Healers, Home Schooling, Training Skills for our Youths and Seniors, Intergeneration sessions, Probational programs to get our youths skilled and running their own Business, Mental Health Help, Advice & More.

Our ethos is that it takes a Village to Raise a Child; so Our Centre would be Very Family Oriented.

Why are we doing this?

In Britain we have very little that we can truly call Our Own, let alone a Centre that caters for above mentioned the centre will also be somewhere to get help and information on Spiritual, Historical and Afrikan Language Classes.

A Centre for us, run by us and supported by us. It’s now time to pull some of our resources together, work together and Succeed together, Together We Can; Do This…

What we do?

The Garvey Village will be encouraging self-esteem, vocational training and skills, ICT, media,  etc.

We will also provide a Legal Surgery, an Elders Club (Senior Citizens) Healthy Eating, Counselling, and Business ideas that would generate income for the centre.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is that it takes a Village to Raise a Child; so Our Centre will be Very Family Oriented.


Project Organizers

Auntie Jean

Auntie Jean



Galactic Clyde

Galactic Clyde

Patricia Palmer

Patricia Palmer




Shanice Brodie

Shanice Brodie

Committee Member:... Head of the Younger Committee group